Accelerated Outcomes Model
(adopted May 2012)

Here are the College Readiness Standards developed by WA CTC faculty several years ago:

NOTE: The math standards in the above work later became one of several key source documents used in the Transition Math Project to develop Washington's College Readiness Math Standards...
And a link to the work the HECB is leading in the areas of college readiness in English and Science:

Here's the feedback that the group of presidents representing WACTC provided based on the progress reports from the various groups doing work related to system efficiency efforts, which included various elements of the "transforming precollege education" work we've been doing:

After reviewing this feedback and the work they've been doing to date, here's the draft overall proposal that came out of the May 16 meeting of representatives from the precollege work groups:
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Minutes from the March 24th Precollege Task Force Meeting

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Four work groups will be used to identify best practices in pre-college education, identify barriers to student success in pre-college education, and craft an implementation plan for system wide pre-college transformation. The person’s name that is underlined and bolded represents the person responsible for assembling the work group and convening the meetings. Work group chairs may be selected separately.
  • Group 1 - Assessment, placement and diagnostics

  • Group 2 - Curriculum reform - Content
  • Group 3 - Curriculum Reform - Pedagogy

  • Group 4 - Precollege Student Supports

Guidelines for decision-making (internal wiki link for directions provided to task groups)