Group 4

Notes from the May 16th Meeting -

Academic Student Supports Recommendations (group will clean up language)
1. Student support staff and precollege faculty collaborate to integrate/embed college readiness/ life readiness competencies into precollege course work.
2. Implement a statewide technology system (early alert) that integrates instruction and student services support; increases communication among silos and provides a tracking system that follows the student through their chosen career pathway. Use Technology based on the ERP to provide an educational navigator and access to the college culture - life plan, work plan, instructional plan.

Implementation strategies:
1. Learning communities could be a byproduct of integrating college readiness/ life readiness into precollege course work
2. Accelerated strategies – Students will have the tools, supports and resources necessary to advance more quickly thru precollege course work
3. College readiness/ life readiness integration in the curriculum
4. Content is competency based focusing on successful student transition theme based precollege content instruction
5. Competency - based, not curriculum based….reach a certain competency level to move ahead, not calendar or seat-time based
6. Early ALERT SYSTEM – Implement system wide technology tool that integrates student services support and instruction; coordinates interventions; provides a communication tool across silos; tracks student performance, interventions and progress throughout the student career and across silos.
7. ERP as base
8. All online computer-based student services are available for precollege students

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